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Products & Services - Jumbo Roofings and Tiles

Ceiling Tiles

  • Jumbo Greenbuild Ceiling Tiles

    We deal with best quality of Jumbo Greenbuild Ceiling Tiles that add a sense of warmth and elegance to the interior. These ready to install tiles ensures durability finished with remarkable paint options. These ceiling tiles are impeccable for residential and commercial kitchens,health-care laboratories, restrooms, living rooms with its amazing designs,textures and finishes along with being light reflector.

Corrugated sheet

Fibre Cement Plain Board

Fibre Cement Planks

  • Jumbo Greenbuild Fibre Cement Planks

    Jumbo Greenbuild Fibre Cement Planks are the ultimate designer alternative to extemal facade for buildings, exterior spaces, interiors and fencing. Planks provide the look of wooden textures with benefits of a cement product.They are ideal siding materials which are simple to install and durable. Its properties of termite proof,impact and water moisture resistant makes it a perfect solution for cladding.

roofing accessories

  • Roofing Accessories

    Jumbo Roofings and Tiles was formed in the year 2007 to produce Fibre Cement Corrugated Sheets and Roofing Accessories. Jumbo Serrated Adjustable Ridges (JS-10) is a hand moulded product and available in pairs of Inner and Outer.

Wall Planks

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